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Private office Move-in ready offices for teams of all sizes 1-100+ Dedicated Desk Your own desk in a shared office 1-4 Meeting room Private rooms bookable by the hour 1-20
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  • 222 Pacific Coast Hwy 222 Pacific Coast Hwy El Segundo
  • 5161 Lankershim Blvd 5161 Lankershim Blvd
  • Campus @ Warner Center Campus @ Warner Center Woodland Hills
  • 520 Broadway 520 Broadway Santa Monica
  • 1150 S Olive St 1150 S Olive St Downtown LA
  • 611 North Brand Boulevard 611 North Brand Boulevard
  • 12130 Millennium Drive 12130 Millennium Drive Playa Vista
  • Pacific Design Center - Red Building Pacific Design Center - Red Building West Hollywood

Workspace options

Private Office

Move-in ready, lockable offices for all team sizes with shared amenities and conference rooms.


Private, Dedicated

Ideal team size


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Dedicated Desk

Your own desk in a shared, lockable office with access to shared amenities and conference rooms.


Shared, Dedicated

Ideal team size


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WeWork All Access

Monthly membership to coworking space near you, including hot desks, lounges, and phone booths.


Shared, Non-dedicated

Ideal team size


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  • Office Space for Rent in Los Angeles | WeWork (21)
  • Office Space for Rent in Los Angeles | WeWork (22)
  • Office Space for Rent in Los Angeles | WeWork (23)

Workspace options

Office Space for Rent in Los Angeles | WeWork (24)

Private Office

Office Space for Rent in Los Angeles | WeWork (25)

Dedicated Desk

Office Space for Rent in Los Angeles | WeWork (26)

WeWork All Access


Private, Dedicated


Shared, Dedicated


Shared, Non-dedicated

Ideal team size


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Ideal team size


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Ideal team size


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Included amenities

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Meeting rooms
  • Onsite staff
  • Cleaning services
  • Phone booths
  • Business class printers
  • Professional & social events
  • Lounges

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Standard amenities

High-speed Wi-Fi

Hook yourself up to hard-wired Ethernet or secure Wi-Fi, including IT support and guest log-in functionality.

Meeting rooms

These versatile rooms can be set up to allow teams to gather, meet, participate in video conferences, or give a presentation—virtually or in-person.

Onsite staff

With years of operational expertise and service-focused backgrounds, our Community team is here to provide everything you need to keep your office running smoothly.

Cleaning services

We will work to clean and disinfect our spaces by following our cleaning schedules and practices, to protect the wellbeing of our members and employees.

Unique Common Areas

The heart-and-soul of our locations, these lounges are living-room-style spaces designed for creativity, comfort, and productivity.

Phone booths

Phone booths give you a quiet space to make private phone calls, participate in short video calls, or just take a quick break without distraction.

Business class printers

Every floor has its own space stocked with a business class printer, office supplies, and paper shredder.

Professional & social events

Our Community Team regularly hosts activities like networking, lunch & learns and more, plus fun activities to help add entertainment to the day.

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  • Case Studies A fully remote, global communications platform scales Dialpad leverage WeWork’s space to create community and experiences for its employees.

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Office Space for Rent in Los Angeles | WeWork (30)

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Office Space in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to an eclectic economic community where practically any business can find its niche. The city is best known for its creative industry, but practically every sort of business is represented in the LA economy: transportation, aerospace, technology, tourism, communications, and finance all have a significant presence in this sprawling urban city. Basing your business in LA gives you easy access to partnerships inside or outside your industry, giving you endless opportunities to grow. If you're looking to put down roots in Southern California, there's office space in Los Angeles for every business. Small, growth-focused startups may want to look at shared offices with plenty of opportunities for networking, while larger businesses may want an entire floor where their team can work together without outside interruptions. No matter what you're looking for, there's an office space for rent in Los Angeles that will be perfect for your team.

WeWork private office space for rent

WeWork office space is the only flexible workspace solution your business needs. Whether you’re starting as a one-person show or a global fortune-500 company, our office space productsare built for each type of business. Our office space solutions include:

  • Standard Private Offices (1-20 people)

  • Office Suite (20-100 people)

  • Full Floor Offices (100+ people)

Why choose WeWork in Los Angeles

LA is the Creative Capital of the World, a place where one in every six residents works in the creative industry and one in every four street corners has a pop-up food truck with a line around the block. With its cultural popularity and a history driven by international trade, entertainment, technology, and fashion, Los Angeles presents itself and its economy as a wealth of opportunity to grow almost any kind of business. WeWork’s network of spaces for Los Angeles coworking provide members with a wealth of options spread throughout the area, so you can be close to your contacts in film, fashion, design, tech, or business. Each location is unique and aesthetically inspired by its neighborhood, but all of them channel that famous LA cool. In WeWork’s Los Angeles workspaces, members range from small tech startups to larger media operations and more. All enjoy the everyday perks of shared workspace like unlimited micro-roasted coffee, dedicated front desk teams, and modern meeting rooms, but the community also reaps the benefits of personalized support from our Community Managers, flexible workspace plans, access to exclusive networking events, and more. If you’re looking for the trendsetters in LA workspaces, WeWork’s got you.

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Office Space for Rent in Los Angeles | WeWork (2024)
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