Los Angeles, CA Office Space for Lease or Rent (2024)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Asking prices vary based on the property location, rating, amenities such as proximity to restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues, as well as convenience of access to public transport, airports, and thoroughfares.

    The average rent for office space in Los Angeles is $49.02 per square foot. The minimum rental rate for office space in Los Angeles is $18.34 per square foot. Among listings of office space currently available for lease in Los Angeles, the maximum rental rate is $192 per square foot.

    The most common factor that influences cost of office space in any location is the property class rating. For example, Los Angeles office space rated Class A asks an average of $56.72 per square foot. Class B office space in Los Angeles costs $41.63 per square foot, on average. Listings of office space in Class C buildings asked an average of $27.56 per square foot.

    For more details on Los Angeles office space rent and sales prices, as well as overall market quality and new construction data, see Los Angeles Office Market Trends.

  • Most experts recommend an average of between 75 and 150 square feet of office space per person. However, it is important to keep in mind that how much office space you ultimately need depends on your activity and how you need to use the space, as much as it does on how many people it should accommodate. If you already know what size office would best suit your needs, use the available space size filter at the top of the search page to focus your search on the best fit for you.

    You’ll find a home for almost any size of business in Los Angeles, as the local office market offers a wide range of options. Office spaces currently on the market go up to as much as 28,314,000 square feet in size for an individual listing.
    However, there is a variety of differently sized opportunities below that maximum. For your consideration, the median size of an office space for lease in Los Angeles is 2,914 square feet, and the average office space size here is 17,918 square feet.

  • You can find 4,111 office listing(s) for lease in Los Angeles, which add up to a total of 58,585,758 square feet. Availability on the market includes a variety of office use types, such as General Office, Creative Office, Medical Office, Creative, Office Building.

    The most common office use type currently available for lease in Los Angeles is General Office, which is offered in 2,423 or 58.94% of listings. The second-most frequent office use type listed here is Creative Office, which account for 584 or 14.21% of office space currently available. On the other end of the spectrum, the office use type least common among local listings is Special Purpose, which is available in 1 listing(s).

  • You can search 271 office sublease listing(s) in Los Angeles, which amount to a total of 3,825,764 square feet. Sublease opportunities on the market include General Office, Creative Office, Medical Office. The Los Angeles neighborhood or submarket with the most sublease listings available is Downtown Los Angeles.

  • The best choice of neighborhood for your office space will greatly depend on the elements that are most relevant to your business and your employees. However, a good criterion to start with is to look at the areas of the city that have the highest concentration of office properties, as these areas are generally well connected to transit options and have a good degree of amenity availability.

    In Los Angeles, the greatest concentration of office space for lease opportunities is in Downtown Los Angeles, Sawtelle, Woodland Hills.

  • Each individual’s commuting experience will of course be different depending on a number of factors. Check the location description details for the office listings that catch your eye, to get an overview of walkability, access to public transport, the quality of infrastructure dedicated to biking commuters, as well as the proximity to parking facilities, fuel stations, and other essential amenities.

  • The Los Angeles office market incorporates a mix of properties of various ages, ratings, construction grades, and other quality indicators. Roughly 46.92% of total office space listings in the city are in properties rated Class A. You will find the highest concentration of Class A office space in the Downtown Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Angeles. Class B office space accounts for 35.37% of spaces listed on the leasing market. The neighborhood with the most Class B office space is Downtown Los Angeles. Class C office space makes up 4.09% of office space available in Los Angeles.

    Buildings completed in and since the year 2000 account for 10.09% of office properties in the city and incorporate a total of 18,346,726 square feet. About 3.86% of office space in Los Angeles is in buildings that have been renovated at least once since 2000.

    Out of the office space listings currently available in Los Angeles, you can find 552 LEED-certified or LEED-proposed option(s). A total of 85 building(s) here earned a LEED-certification — certification levelPlatinum (11), Gold (49), Silver (19). The local market includes 4 LEED-proposed office building(s) awaiting certification in Los Angeles.

  • There are, of course, a lot of things to factor in when you are looking for office space. Aspects including the accessibility of the location, the quality of the facility, the size of the space, the convenience of nearby amenities, the type and duration of the lease, and of course the cost are all part of the search and decision process. For a quick checklist of what you should take into account when researching the market, consider these seven tips for choosing the best office location for your business. Alternatively, for a comprehensive take on everything to consider when looking for office space, see our in-depth guide to finding office space for small or growing companies. The guide also includes insights from seasoned professionals and can serve as a helpful resource for growing companies, no matter their current size.

  • Are you looking to lease office space in the vicinity of your current location or in a particular neighborhood of Los Angeles? Using the interactive map, you can easily navigate to your preferred location and customize your search area around a specific point of interest. Select “Radius” from the Search Mode options menu, click on the map to set your search reference point, and expand the radius to select your desired search area. Browse available listings to find the best office space that meets your location, as well as other business needs.

Los Angeles, CA Office Market Overview

The sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the U.S. It’s also the seat of Los Angeles County — the nation’s most populous county — with a large inventory of office space to offer. Major companies with a worldwide reach are also headquartered in the city, making it a prestigious location for office space.

LA’s robust office market encompasses properties in major financial centers, including the Financial District and Bunker Hill in the city’s downtown. But, secondary office markets, such as Brentwood, and prime retail locations like the Melrose District are also highly sought-after by office-using businesses.

Besides the warm weather year-round, companies in Los Angeles also benefit from a diverse and educated workforce as a result of institutions like the University of Southern California and UCLA, both of which operate in the metro.

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Los Angeles, CA Office Space for Lease or Rent (2024)
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