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Salvation's Edge is the first 6-player Raid added in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, released on June 7, 2024. It has a Power Cap of 1965, which is no small feat! Here's what you need to know about Salvation's Edge in D2, including how to start the Raid.

How to Start Salvation's Edge in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

To start The Final Shape's Salvation's Edge Raid in Destiny 2, you must have completed the following steps:

  1. Completed The Final Shape's main campaign.
  2. Finished the post-game Wild Card Exotic quest.
  3. Reached the 1965 Power Cap.


Once you've done so, you can start Salvation's Edge from The Pale Heart map when you're in a Fireteam of six players. Open up the Director and select "The Pale Heart" to open the area's map. You'll find Salvation's Edge to the right of The Transgression, as seen in our map screenshot below:

The Salvation's Edge World's First race is currently underway, but we'll provide you with a full Raid walkthrough once we can! Stay tuned...

Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Opening Walkthrough

Once you load into the raid, to get to the first encounter you'll need to run upwards on the side of structures. Eventually, you'll reach the first encounter. Check out the video below to see the path we took to get there on launch day.

Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Substratum Encounter

The first encounter in the Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge raid has a few mechanics. To start, the encounter, pick up the Pyramidal Triangle and deposit it into the box.

You'll then need two groups to go separately into the doorways which open. Be careful as explosive Harpies will be exiting as you head in.


Once they're dealt with, head in and you'll need to Kill a Hydra and continue through the area as more doors open. Make note of the red squares on the ground as they will light up. But more on that later. Proceed through the first room, into the next room. If your doors are all shut, the other team likely needs to kill a Hydra to allow you to proceed. Once that happens, one team will need to find a Devotee of the Witness Minotaur that must be defeated. Once killed a Threshold Sentinel will spawn in the main room. Kill it to start the process all over again.

Once you've done the above a 2nd time, and killed the Threshold Sentinel you'll want to again break up into two teams and look for a glowing plate to stand on. Stepping on this plate will send a beam of light on the ground to the other plate another player will need to go to. Once you arrive, let the beam of light travel all the way along the ground and into the second plate. Watch the plate begin to charge up. It will make a sound indicating it's powering up. After only a moment, step on it briefly to send the charge back to the other side where the first player will let the plate charge up, and then send it back to the other player.

While this is happening, some enemies will spawn in the room as well as something called Pyramidal Resonance. Every player should pick up 3 of these if possible. The people managing the plate should keep passing the charge back and forth until there's around 30 seconds on the Final Shape Looming clock. At that point, you'll want to have one group shoot the spire's glowing yellow diamond to "lock" your plate. It will glow bright yellow if you've been successful. Step on the plate as it charges, and this time shoot it to "lock" your node. Once the nodes are locked, you can return to the main room. It will take one of your Pyramidal Resonance when you lock the spire.

Back in the main room, a Harbinger of the Witness will spawn. You'll need to kill it and a box will spawn in the main room, but it's a bit slow to do so after the Harbinger is defeated. Once it spawns, immediately put the Pyramidal Resonance you've collected into the box. This will extend your time and allow you to do the entire thing again until you've collected around 45 Pyramidal Resonance. Then it's onto the next encounter.


Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Hearald of Finality Boss Fight Encounter

During the Herald of Finality boss encounter you will enter a large central area with 3 structures. One at the back left and right of the arena. You will need to separate into three groups of two and go to each section of the map. To start the encounter, shoot the taken orb in the center of the arena.

Once there, clear out any enemies who have spawned. You'll see a prompt that says "The Hearld summons [PLAYERNAME] to battle." That player will need to kill either a "Trammel of" enemy type which appears as either a Taken Ogre, Taken Phalanx, or Taken Witch that appears at their location. Everyone can damage this enemy, but be sure the player who the Herald summoned is doing the final blow. Once the Trammel enemy is defeated you'll get the prompt "Energy flows into the architecture."

Plates on the ground will now glow in your respective tower. You'll need to step on them and send power from the top to bottom and back again to generate Resonance. This time there will be multiple resonance types. Spherical and Pyramidal. Each player will need to take a unique resonance type. The player who takes Pyramidal will be responsible for closing the sphere later on. Everyone will eventually dunk it into a central container once the prompt "The Resonant Conductor Sparks to Life" appears on the screen. For now, pass the energy from the plate back and forth between the top and bottom plate until you've generated 3 resonance of your needed type, and then stop passing the energy and let it reset. At this point a taken orb will spawn in the sky and need to be shot at until it goes away.

Clear out all enemies and start passing the energy back and forth again. The player with the pyramidal resonance will now lock the device by shooting the glowing crystal in the center of the sphere while the plate is powering up. Once eveeryone does this, you'll be able to deposit your resonance into a chest that appears in the back center of the arena. Doing this will trigger damage phase.

While doing damage, a Warlock well and swords have been quite effective for the raid teams who've cleared this portion of the raid. Complete the above steps until the Herald of Finality is defeated.

During the Herald of Finality's final stand, he will go immune for a brief moment and spawn more Trammel enemies onto the battlefield. Quickly defeat them and finish doing damage to the Herald of Finality to complete the encounter.

Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Repository Carve a Path Encounter

To complete the "Carve a Path" raid encounter, players will need to collect Pyramidial Resonance, Spherical Resonance, and Square Resonance. The player who kills the Tormentor at the beginning will get a buff that allows them to see the corresponding symbol needed for each side to close their conduit. You'll need to use the correct resonance to close each conduit, as called out by the player who can see what's required.

Once you begin Tormentors will appear on the battlefield and need to be killed to bring energy into the architecture. Doing this will spawn Cabal turrets that should be destroyed immediately. Once the energy is activated, begin passing it between two plates on your section of the map to build resonance. Have each player pick a unique type of resonance and pick it up. Once you each have 3, have a player lock your resonance spire with the correct resonance type. Then deposit all remaining Resonance into each box to continue to the next section. You will need to insert each resonance type into the box to proceed and extend your timer.


Just before the final door of each area, an Unstoppable Incendior will appear and need to be defeated as well as several enemies around the field. Continue upwards until you complete the encounter.

Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Verity See Beyond Encounter


Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge The Witness Boss Fight Encounter


*This Raid guide is being developed while Contest mode is active. It will be updated with additional context and information after we've cleared all encounters.

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