Rohent R8 Dual Backup Camera Digital Wireless Observation ... (2024)

Rohent Backup Camera | Rohent R8 HD | Upgraded DVR FHD 1080P | Monitor has the split-screen ability with four-way video Input | Waterproof and weather resistant | and more…

Let us explore what Rohent dual backup camera offers for its users. This digital wireless dual backup camera provides an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you. It comes with many innovative features and benefits to make driving safe and hassle-free.

You can find split-screen mode, 4 channels, IP69 K waterproof, image flip, wide viewing angle, and many more novel and advanced features on this Rohent dual backup camera model. It eliminates blind spots with the utmost efficiency.


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Rohent RV Backup Camera Wireless HD1080P 2 Cameras...

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The camera comes with a fog resistance feature and a wide viewing angle to make driving optimally safe and comfortable.

Compared to ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System-WX02, the Rohent dual backup camera comes with a better viewing angle. However, the system signal of the ZEROXCLUB camera stays stable on vehicles over 55 feet. The Rohent backup camera offers an unstable signal when used for vehicles over 55 feet at high speed.

This backup camera was first made available in August 2018. Within a short span, it has managed to win the confidence of a large number of customers. The fast-increasing sales clearly reassert the quality of this dual backup camera.

The weight of this product is 4.1 pounds. The package dimension is 11 x 6.6 x 4.8 inches. Let us analyze the different features of this Rohent dual backup camera impartially. We want to help our readers make the best buying decision.

What to Expect With the Rohent Backup Camera Design?

The product design cannot be termed as inferior or unattractive. Instead, you can find a sturdy design with maximum visual appeal. It does not interfere with the look of your vehicle.

The overall design blends harmoniously with different types of vehicles including cars, SUVs, RVs, and trucks. The build quality of the Rohent backup camera is very high. This device lasts for a long period as well.

The monitor has split-screen ability with 4 channels and excellent night vision.

This backup camera system offers support by adding 1 to 4 cameras. The split-screen ability of the monitor is highly appreciable. With two or four cameras, the image can be switched to single/2 split single/4 split images.

The image quality of this device is extremely laudable. The full high definition 1080P digital wireless camera system does not interfere with the appeal and function of your vehicle adversely.

For all vehicles under 55 feet, the wireless signals stay clear and smooth even when you drive at 100 mph. You don’t need to run cables with a Rohent dual backup camera. This device pairs all backup cameras and the monitor. You will receive pictures when you power the RV backup cameras and monitor.

The IR night vision feature is another specialty of the Rohent dual backup camera. This product comes with 16 LED IR Night Vision to ensure the supreme quality of the images. You can also find an infrared induction function on this device. The lamp turns on automatically as the light gets darker.

Excellent Display and Enhanced Digital Signals

You can get rid of blind spots when you use this Rohent backup camera. The dual cameras eliminate blind spots perfectly. You don’t have to use the side mirror. This backup camera system displays accurate parking and reversing. In open empty areas, the enhanced digital signal goes up to 990 feet.

No matter whether you want a single full view, split dual or quad view, the monitor support all these options. The image flip is well appreciated by a large number of users. You can switch the image from 4 modes of the rear mirror, normal facing, facing upside down, and mirror upside down.

Waterproof and Fog-Resistant Camera with Wide Viewing Angle

Let us discuss the waterproof and fog-resistant features of this backup camera system offered by Rohent. It comes with an IP69K waterproof feature. The fog resistance ability of this product is highly appreciable.

The viewing angle of the Rohent backup camera is 150. If you are looking for a backup camera that combats bad weather efficiently, this one is a smart choice. You can secure the monitor in other locations to get the best viewing angle.

Outstanding Recording Function and Great Flexibility

The video recording function of this backup camera is outstanding. There are two options available. The continuous loop can be chosen as a default setting. The manual option with an alert serves the purpose when the SD card is full.

The system voltage range of this product is between 12V and 24V DC Power. Such a broad range easily meets the needs of a broad variety of large vehicles including tow trailers, semi-trailers, box trucks, RVs, Campers, and motorhomes.

Rohent Dual Backup Camera Have Relatively Easier Installation Method

It is a daunting task to run a cable between the monitor and backup camera in large trucks or trailers. Rohent backup camera solves this issue amicably. You just have to connect the camera to the power supply before attaching the monitor with a cigarette lighter. These two simple steps complete the installation

Rohent Backup Camera – Warranty

As a reputed manufacturer, Rohent makes committed efforts to protect the interests of its customers. This backup camera system comes with a two-year warranty program.

Rohent R8 Dual Backup Camera Digital Wireless Observation ... (2024)
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