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Exposescams, to answer your FBI/HCPC related questions…

I was going to type out a bunch of word for word details of the entire series of calls I had to go through, but I see no need. You probably still would not believe me and I can respect that as I really do understand. When I received a few phone calls today about this FBI article that you had been posting, I figured what better way to get the facts than to get them straight from the FBI themselves.

I will try to keep this short and sweet, but you know that might be hard for me (LOL). Bottom line, the FBI confirmed that we have nothing to worry about with HCPC being in any kind of trouble or investigation with the FBI. I was told by the FBI to consider them clean.

When I told you before that if there was anything to be worried about of a criminal nature, HCPC would have been shut down a long time ago months ago. The FBI confirmed that with me too.

Now, again, it was not that easy to get those few answers I mentioned above as it might have seemed. There were a series of calls and transfers that I had to go through as I was initially denied a few times as they are not suppose to discuss things of such a nature over the phone or with me. I was simply fortunate as persistency paid off this time. Ok, I had to turn my identification level up a notch in hopes of getting the communication I needed for answers. I’m sure you can figure that out if you run into any road blocks when you contact them. Heck, I was just fortunate as I think the lady just felt sorry for me (LOL).

I’m going to ask that you please do not believe what I am saying. Don’t just take my word for it. I recommend you call the FBI contact information below and report back to us what your findings are. If they are different, call me at 210-387-7957 and we can speak personally to match the names of our sources to further get to the bottom of what is the real deal. I say this because I won’t post the names of the people from the FBI that spoke with me. I kind of got the feeling from speaking with them that they wouldn’t appreciate a few hundred phone calls asking them the same set of questions (LOL). The initial FBI contact info is below that started me on my journey.

FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Call (202) 324-3000 or write to the following address:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

I must tell you something else too. The number above was to the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. I must tell you that I got passed around for a few reasons to certain departments to where my answers were from a FBI branch that was different from the original FBI Headquarters branch I initially called. I eventually ended up getting my answer from a FBI branch in another city and state all together. Heck, don’t ask me how it happened (LOL). I hope this helps with your quest.

Also, read again this post below as really the post below should have sufficed for an answer to explain how that ABC/FBI article was blown way out of proportion:
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Exposescams, to Answer Your HCPC Concern Fully…

We all know that the real estate world got hit hard in a very bad way over the past year or so as it will never remain constantly up or down. It will continue to switch its movement as I think up is the next direction.

It sounds like the lady in that article (Diane Spencer) feels as though she had been tremendously wronged. To me, it sounded like she had a somewhat flawed business plan dealing with getting some real estate property to rent out to some Section 8 families as what was mentioned in that particular article. HCPC was the company that was trying to help her. I think she just had bad timing for what she wanted to get approved.

It sounds like she must had quit her job or something like such and decided to put all of her eggs in one basket to bank her entire life on her getting an approval for $47 Million to fund her real estate venture. Well, applying for $47 Million is not free which is why she had to pay $45,000 for an application processing fee. Don’t you think that was a bit much on her part to put all her eggs in one basket as such though? Don’t you think she should have waited until she at least had gotten the $47 Million first then put all those eggs in one basket? Seriously consider and understand the example below…

EXAMPLE: The way I see it, imagine you paid $100.00 for an application fee for a pre-approved Visa credit card with a $1,000.00 limit. Now imagine you get mad because the card did not arrive to your house soon enough so you want to have your $100.00 you spent on the application fee returned to you as a refund, but in the meantime the application was already processed with from the $100.00 you paid for the application processing services rendered. Well, no matter how much you go complain to “ABC” or whoever, whether or not you would get your $100.00 back would depend on the stipulations of the initial contract. You might get your $100.00 back or you might not.

Well, I am also very surprised that ABC decided to release this article as they had done. It is very apparent that ABC didn’t have all of their fact together. I am actually very disappointed in ABC for publishing something like this without mentioning the stipulations of the contract which reflects that ABC knew nothing of. There are definitely more legit things that they could have covered instead of something like this. This appears to have been very “personal” in nature and not “professional” in nature.

It sounds like ABC didn’t have all of their facts together as it appears that they could be guilty for libel and/or slander. It actually appears that ABC had totally misrepresented Carol Johnson as it appeared that they tried to characterize Carol on the basis of her husband. It also sounds like there might have been some contract stipulations that ABC definitely was not aware of before actually releasing that article which seems to be personal in nature. Someone is sending me a Supreme Court case to further explain exactly what I have just explained to you that I will consider sending to Carol Johnson, the HCPC CEO. Personally, I think she will see that it is better to call a truce and move forward.

Think about it like this, if it was as bad as you are insinuating from this rather old article, HCPC would have stopped trading months ago. If HCPC would have been deemed wrong by the FBI, criminal charges would have been filed and brought out against the HCPC CEO by now. The SEC would have filed “civil charges” and the DOJ (Department of Justice) would have filed “criminal charges” by now. I know this because I have spoken with both of them before while inquiring about other situations.

We all know that they were in a money crunch at such time while they were waiting for funding to be approved. That was officially announced too so paying one of their clients the $45,000 for application fees that were already spent for generating a $47 Million approval of funds would cause that disgruntle person to quite naturally have to wait. This was also PR-ed by HCPC back in Jul 07 to add further clarity to the situation and to remove concern by their shareholders. It’s not important that it was addressed before or after that article. It is important that the article was officially addressed by the company to eliminate any fears and to show that they had everything under control. If such was not the case, as disgruntle as that individual was within that article, wouldn’t she had re-appeared to make mention of such again by now?

I think the earlier info I posted below answers your concern. Please consider again…
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Exposescams, to answer that HCPC concern…

That was something that HCPC addressed months ago in a PR released on 30 Jul 07. That client paid $45,000 for an application fee to get a loan for $47 Million dollars. With such a large loan, of course application fees were going to be charged. However, this person was not willing to wait the time required to get the loan approved and wanted her money back. There were also 4 others that felt the same for a total of 5 which is why they went from 26 clients down to 21 clients.

The PR released by HCPC on 30 Jul 07 to keep their shareholders informed of that issue is below:

Here is a good post too to answer that concern as it was discussed months ago with HCPC:

Also, please consider the posts below:

I hope this helps to explain what transpired in the past and why I think HCPC will be positively moving forward.


Protective Capital Structures Corp. (fka PCSO) : Posted by: stervc  In reply to: exposesc... (2024)
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