One Piece: Who Defeated X Drake & What Happened to Him? (2024)

The World Government, as we know, has several organizations, and the Secret Special Unit SWORD is certainly one of the more notorious ones. SWORD has had many agents, some more famous, some less, but it is nevertheless one of the series’ most important groups. In this article, we will talk about one member of the SWORD, X Drake, who became famous after seemingly abandoning the organization to become a pirate, but his story has always been deeper and more interesting than that. In this article, we will tell you a bit about X Drake, what happened to him, and whether he really died during his fight against Guernica.

In Wano Country, X Drake was ultimately defeated by Guernica. Although he was a Marine agent and a member of SWORD, X Drake changed and ultimately acted based on his own personal sense of justice. This is why he turned against his fellow government agent, Guernica, and in his hybrid form, stabbed him in the chest from the back. Now, Guernica did not die, and after getting up, he used his Shigan to attack him in the throat, wounding him. It is now known if the wounds were fatal, as X Drake’s fate is officially unknown as of the post-Wano narrative.

As you’ve probably deduced, the rest of this article will be about X Drake and his role in the world of Oda’s One Piece series. We will introduce you to this intriguing character and tell you what exactly happened to him and how the fight against Guernica in Wano Country ended, i.e., whether X Drake is still alive or not in the series. This article will contain some spoilers, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with everything, you have been warned.

Guernica stabbed X Drake, and while he did not die immediately, his fate is ultimately unknown

X Drake is a character with a rich history as far as the world of One Piece is concerned, but most of his story is told in the Wano Country arc. X Drake is a supporting character who can become an Allosaurus thanks to his Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus.

He is an agent of the World Government’s Secret Special Unit SWORD and the son of the pirate Diez Barrels. But, while he is a SWORD agent, X Drake publicly abandoned his position of rear admiral and became a pirate, but it was a plan for him to infiltrate the world of pirates and spy on them from the inside. In that vicinity, he became part of the “Worst Generation.”

Now, since recapping his whole story wouldn’t make sense and it isn’t actually the topic of this article, we will simply tell you the relevant details from Wano Country that will explain the circ*mstances of his final fight with Guernica and reveal what happened there.

At one point, during the fighting in Wano, he and Zoro attack Apoo again, and he reveals that he has always hated him. While facing him alone, Zoro arrives and defeats the opponent with a single blow and recovers the antidote, which leaves X Drake speechless.

When Apoo gets up and tries to retrieve the antidote, he transforms into animal form and bites it with his jaws, then drops it to the ground. He then turns to Zoro, to whom he tells him to leave the main hall to him, where he then resumes the fight with Apoo together with Hyogoro.

X Drake then sees the yakuza boss defeat several opponents, claiming to understand why the world has always feared Wano. He continues to ward off those who attempt to attack Chopper, who soon after realizes the antidote that Miyagi and Tristan spread across the battlefield with a cannon. He then sees Marco grab Queen’s neck, and the doctor transforms, slapping the Superstar and yelling that he’s not a raccoon. X Drake is sorry since he, too, had defined it that way.

After moving into a room of the palace together with three Numbers, Apoo discovers that X Drake is a Navy spy and proposes that they team up to escape with the loot once the battle is over, regardless of which side wins, claiming there is no point in fighting if they are not on the side of either side.

The rear admiral doesn’t trust him, but Apoo argues that the lack of trust is mutual and they would both benefit, stressing that this is a unique opportunity. X Drake, however, refuses, and the two attack each other, with him intending to defeat the opponent to repay the Straw Hat, as well as having understood that the enemy’s attacks are only successful if they are heard.

Appo reminds him that he still has three Numbers on his side, but at that point, they are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Yamato. The latter refuses to listen to Apoo, attacks X Drake and, when he claims he is on her side, knocks him to the ground, revealing that she is in a hurry because Onigashima and the Flower Capital are in danger.

X Drake sees Apoo being knocked down by one of the two CP0 agents present there, who reveals that he knows his real identity. X Drake argues that in that case, they owe him an apology. However, the opponent attacks him but is hit by Apoo.

The marine points out to the latter that he is still alive then, which annoys him, so much so that the pirate reveals to him that it was enough for him to use the armor’s Ambition and that the CP0 will pay him for it. Apoo points out that, therefore he is really part of the Navy, so X Drake tells him to shut up.

The two then team up against the government agents, and he resorts to his animal form. However, he is defeated. When Izo and Maha attack each other and then fall to the ground unconscious, X Drake gets up and hears the order to kill Luffy. He then states that he will not die in vain and prepares to face the remaining government agent again, stabbing him in the back in hybrid form.

The latter spits blood and asks him why this gesture is so X Drake affirms that that is his idea of justice; the agent replies that he envies him and frees himself to hit him in the throat with a Shigan.

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After the defeat of the two Emperors, he is joined by Hawkins, who asks him if he is a marine, to which he replies that even if he were, he wouldn’t tell him. X Drake then asks him if he was talking about himself when he predicted that someone had only a 1% chance of surviving, which Hawkins confirms before collapsing. And while X Drake was still alive when we last saw him, his ultimate fate remains unknown in the post-Wano narrative.

One Piece: Who Defeated X Drake & What Happened to Him? (2024)
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