Low Income Apartments and Affordable Housing For Rent in Sheridan, WY (2024)

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Discover affordable housing in Sheridan where there are 20+ housing opportunities based on income and household needs like accessible units for seniors or persons with disabilities. Find and apply to these low income apartments now.

Hume Draw I II And III

600 W 10th St, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801


Stadium Place

1120 Mydland Rd, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801



The Courtyards at Sheridan

1735 S Sheridan Ave, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Creekside Courts

2076 S Sheridan Ave, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801


River Walk Residentials

39 East 1st Street, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Easter Seals - Goodwill

1621 Terra Ave, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Western Apartments

853 Dummick St, Sheridan, Wyoming 0

Sheridan Apartments

1917 N Main St, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Homestead Apartments

1100 Avoca Ct, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Avoca Apartments

1352 Avoca Court, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Peak Apartments

2200 W 5th St, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Sheridan Square

200 Smith St, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801


Townhouse Apartments

2438 Town House Pl, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801


140 S Sheridan Ave, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Heritage Towers of the Christian Church

428 N Jefferson St, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Grimshaw Investments

1445 Parker Ave, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Stone Pile

120 E Montana St, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Village Apartments

551 Avoca Ave, Sheridan, Wyoming

One Llc - Avoca Court

1129 Avoca Ct, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

How To Identify Affordable Housing in Sheridan, Wyoming

Look for program and preference badges on affordable apartment listings. These badges can help you identify the types of low income housing each apartment offers and if you may be eligbile for rental assistance or reduced rents.


switch_access_shortcutShort Wait

Low income apartments with no or short waiting lists.


Low income housing where the rent is subsidized and the renter pays only a portion of total rent.

real_estate_agentAccepts Vouchers

Apartments that accept Section 8 vouchers near you


Rental housing for seniors who are 55 (or sometimes 62) and older.

paymentIncome Based

Affordable apartments where the rent paid is based on renter income.


Meets Accessibilty Requirements of the Fair Housing Act, the ADA, or HUD policy.


Apartments for individuals or families with disabilities.
Housing Authority of the City of Cheyenne Section 8 HCV

Open Until Further Notice


touch_appGet the Application

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The Hourly Wage Needed to Afford A Safe, Modest 2 Bed Apartment InSheridan, Wyoming



(+199%) more thanWyoming minimum wage and


(+199%) more than the Federal minimum wage.

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What HUD offices serve Sheridan, Wyoming?

Public Housing Agencies operate federally assisted affordable housing programs atlocal levels on behalf of HUD. Notably, housing agencies are responsible for managing Section 8Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing, and Project-Based Voucher waiting lists within theirjurisdiction.

Housing Authority of the City of Cheyenne

Operates the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), Public Housing programs for Sheridan, Wyoming.

Go to theWyomingPublic Housing and Low-Income Apartments Waiting Lists page for openings near Sheridan.

How many renters live in Sheridan, Wyoming?

The City of Sheridan haspeople living in households.

There are renters living inrenter households in thisCity. Renters make up 31.59percent of the population living in Sheridan.

What is the rental market like in Sheridan, Wyoming?

There are an estimated housing units in theSheridan area. Of these, units are rentalhomes, making up percent of the housing market. Forevery renter household in Sheridan, Wyoming, there are1.04 rental units.

What is the vacancy rate for rentals in Sheridan?

The rental vacancy rate in Sheridan is 4 percent.This is alower than averagevacancy rate.When rental vacancy rates are low there are fewer available units. Rents tend to be higher as morepeoplecompete for scarce housing.

How many rental units are in Sheridan for each bedroom size?

Occupied Rental Units by Size in Sheridan
StudioOne-BedroomTwo-BedroomThree-BedroomFour+ Bedrooms

Occupied Rental Units by Size in Sheridan

A large number of apartments in Sheridan have two or fewer bedrooms. Seniors and youngprofessionalsespecially may have more success finding an apartment that meets their needs.

How Much Is Rent in Sheridan

Depending on size, the Fair Market Rent - HUDs measurement of the cost of an average housing unit - rangesfrom $875 to $1,802. FMRs areupdated annually by HUD for every city and county nationwide.

Bed Size2024 Fair Market Rents
One BR$876
Two BR$1,145
Three BR$1,384
Four BR$1,802

2024 Fair Market Rents in Sheridan, Wyoming

How many units are rented at Fair Market Rent (FMR) in Sheridan?

Renters with a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher must select a home that is at or below the area’s FairMarket Rent. Markets with a large share of units above FMR tend to have longer search times to find aqualified unit, while those with a large share of units below FMR tend to have more choices and shortersearch times. The share below FMR can vary by size of unit, as shown in the table below.

These are the approximate number of units renting below the FMR in this market:

Unit SizeCount of Units Below FMRPercentage of Total Units Below FMR
Studio10365 percent
One BR76368 percent
Two BR60857 percent

Rental Units Below FMR in Sheridan, Wyoming

How many affordable rental units are in Sheridan?

There are a variety of federal affordable housing programs serving households inSheridan, Wyoming including the following:

Federal ProgramUnit Count
Low Income Housing Tax Credit
Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance
Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly
Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities
USDA Section 515 Rural Rental Housing
Tracked Units by Federal Program in Sheridan, Wyoming

Rental units may be funded in part by multiple federal programs.

Income Based Apartments in Sheridan, Wyoming

Sheridan features 419 income based apartments.Tenants of income based apartments typically pay no more than 30% of their income towards rent andutilities.

Low Rent Apartments in Sheridan, Wyoming

There are 304 rent subsidized apartments that do notprovide direct rental assistance but remain affordable to low income households in Sheridan.

Housing Choice Vouchers in Sheridan, Wyoming

On average, Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers pay Sheridan landlords$500 per month towards rent. The average voucher holdercontributes $300 towards rent inSheridan.

The maximum amount a voucher would pay on behalf of a low-income tenant in Sheridan, Wyoming fora two-bedroom apartment is between $1,031 and $1,260.

Sourced from federal housing data and AffordableHousingOnline.comresearch.

Affordable Housing Tip

Housing options for persons with disabilities.

Many housing programs have apartments or properties restricted to residents with disabilities, including Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities

What Renters Say About Us

Diane Johnson says:

"The housing information on Affordable Housing Online is comprehensive, timely and user friendly. I appreciate all the diligent research that goes into collecting and sharing this vital information. Thanks for your commitment to excellence."

Low Income Apartments and Affordable Housing For Rent in Sheridan, WY (2024)
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