July 4th travelers and road construction (2024)

July 4th travelers and road construction (1)

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OSHKOSH, WI – (WISS & WGBW)- The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) urges July 4th travelers to use caution and expect delays and slower traffic in work zones as construction continues throughout North Wisconsin.

According to AAA, about 1.4 million people will travel on Wisconsin roads this holiday weekend. AAA expects Peak travel times between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 3rd and 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, July 7th.

“Wisconsinites are expected to travel in record numbers for the Fourth of July weekend, so we urge drivers to keep their eyes up and speeds down,” WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson said.

WisDOT says most road construction will pause over the holiday weekend, but several road construction projects may still impact 4th of July travel.

Area projects affecting July 4th travelers

Northeast Wisconsin

  • Outagamie and Winnebago counties: Northbound I-41 is reduced to two lanes between Main Street and US 10/WIS 441 in the Fox Valley area. Significant delays are expected and drivers should consider alternate routes. Watch for lane shifts and reduced speed limits.
  • Brown County: WIS 172 is closed to through traffic between WIS 54 in the village of Hobart and the Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport. Through traffic is detoured via WIS 54 and I-41.
  • Outagamie County: WIS 15 is closed to through traffic between US 45 in the city of New London and County T in the village of Hortonville. Traffic is detoured via US 45, County TT and County T.
  • Outagamie County: WIS 54 is closed at the WIS 55/County C/Ivory Street intersection in downtown Seymour. Traffic is detoured via WIS 47, Outagamie County G, and Mainline Drive.
  • Outagamie County: WIS 76 is closed to through traffic between US 45 in the town of Bear Creek and WIS 54 in Shiocton. Follow the detour route via WIS 54 and US 45.
  • Outagamie County: WIS 76 is closed at the WIS 76 and School Road intersection in Greenville. Traffic is detoured via WIS 96, Outagamie County CB, and WIS 15.
  • Outagamie County: WIS 96 is closed to through between WIS 55 in Kaukauna and Outagamie County U in Wrightstown. Drivers should follow the signed detour via WIS 55, I-41 and County U.

North Central Wisconsin

  • Langlade County: WIS 55 near Hollister is restricted to a single lane with temporary traffic signals at Nine Mile Creek.
  • Marathon County: WIS 13 in Colby is closed from WIS 153 to Marathon County N. Traffic is detoured via WIS 29 and WIS 97.
  • Marathon County: Watch for lane closures on WIS 13 in: Colby between Marathon County N and the southern Colby limits; Spencer from WIS 98 to LaSalle Street; and Unity from 2nd Street to northern Unity limits.
  • Oneida County: US 8 near Rhinelander is closed from WIS 17 North to Oneida County P. Traffic is detoured via Oneida County P and WIS 17.
  • Oneida County: WIS 17 in Rhinelander is restricted to a single lane in each direction between Stevens Street and Pollyanna Road.
  • Outagamie and Waupaca County: WIS 76 near Bear Creek are closed between US 45 and WIS 54. Traffic is detoured via WIS 54 and US 45.
  • Shawano County: WIS 117 in Bonduel is closed between South Street and Shawano County BE. Traffic is detoured via WIS 29, WIS 55, and WIS 52.
  • Wood County: WIS 80 is closed to through traffic from the Juneau County Line to Pine Street and from Marathon Avenue in Babco*ck to the WIS 80/173 intersection north of Babco*ck. WIS 80 and WIS 173 are closed to all traffic between Pine Street and Marathon Avenue in Babco*ck with no through access. Traffic is detoured via WIS 21, WIS 13, WIS 73, and WIS 173.


WisDOT encourages July 4th travelers to “know before you go” with 511wi.gov or the 511 Wisconsin mobile app.

Thompson stresses safe driving practices during the holiday and always. “Buckle up, drive sober, and be courteous to other motorists. These simple steps can help save lives and prevent crashes on Wisconsin roads,” Thompson said.

Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) customer service centers will be closed on the Fourth of July, but DMV online service is open 24/7 at wisconsindmv.gov.

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July 4th travelers and road construction (2024)
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