Does Aldi Accept EBT? (Yes, But Read This First) | Grocery Store Guide (2024)

Aldi’s no-frills approach to grocery shopping has made loyal customers of families looking to make significant savings with its excellent product range and a keen focus on store-brand healthy products. With their phenomenal prices, it is no wonder that low-income families eligible for SNAP(Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) EBT(Electronic Benefits Transfer) want to know if they can use their card at Aldi.

So, does Aldi accept EBT?

Yes, you can use SNAP/EBT cards at all Aldi locations for various grocery items. What’s more, is that you can also use them to shop at Aldi online, thanks to the store’s partnership with Instacart for same-day delivery or curbside pick up in 29 states and Washington D.C.

Keep in mind that the Instacart services and delivery payments will be charged separately and cannot be covered with EBT benefits.

Read on as I explain everything you need to know about using EBT in Aldi, including what items you can and cannot buy.

How To Use Your EBT/SNAP Card At Aldi?

If you are in a physical Aldi store, the payment method using an EBT card is the same as with any debit or credit card.

All you have to do is enter your PIN at the payment terminal. Once aware that you’re using your SNAP benefits, the cashier will enter the eligible amount. If all your items are EBT eligible, your total will come to zero as your EBT card will be charged for everything.

If you have any items that you cannot buy with an EBT, you will have to pay for the remaining amount in cash or with an alternative payment method.

Aldi allows you to make multiple payments on one order, so even if you have purchased a non-eligible item, you can quickly pay through another payment source in a single order.

Helpful Tip: Keep your receipts safe as you can use them to find out the remaining balance in your EBT card.

Can You Use EBT At Aldi For Online Orders?

As I explained, Aldi has made grocery shopping on budget even more effortless by introducing its partnership with Instacart. If you cannot make it to the physical store, you can receive your grocery items on the same day via curbside pick-up or swift delivery, all while using EBT online in available states.

The Aldi-Instacart integration kicked off in Georgia and then expanded in early December 2020 to Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, and Florida. After the success of the online program, the online EBT pilot, the USDA Food and Nutrition Service approved further expansion to 23 more states as well as Washington D.C. The latest development allows food stamps to be used at more than 1700 Aldi stores nationwide.

Instacart has also announced its plan to increase the number of EBT friendly stores in the coming months. You can use EBT payment via the Instacart website or mobile application in the available states.

How To Use EBT on Aldi Via Instacart

To use your EBT SNAP card when browsing through Aldi on the Instacart interface, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have an Instacart profile. If not, set one up.
  2. Click on Account Settings and add your EBT SNAP card as a payment method.
  3. Following SNAP guidelines, the user will need to add another payment method for non-food items such as fees, taxes, and tips.
  4. Entering your ZIP code will allow you to see if any Aldi stores participate in the EBT online integration.
  5. Once you have located the store, you can add EBT-eligible grocery items from Aldi into your cart.
  6. Once you are done shopping, allocate the necessary EBT benefits for the order.

The delivery and pick-up service is active from 9 am to 8 pm. You can place orders for instant delivery or pick-up to be done within an hour, with the ease of scheduling also available.

What Can You Buy With EBT At Aldi?

Not everything in a grocery store is EBT eligible. In simple terms, with EBT, you can buy some things while other items will have to be paid through a secondary payment source. Therefore, knowing which items are covered by your SNAP benefits is essential.

Following the USDA guidelines, you can buy the following items from your EBT card:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Dairy items
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Snack foods
  • Cereals
  • Bread
  • Plants and seeds that grow edible food

What Items Are Not Eligible With EBT At Aldi?

Just as there is a variety of edible items that you can buy with SNAP benefits, there are also several you cannot. It is crucial you know which items are not EBT eligible to ensure you have a secondary source that you may need to use at the checkout.

Here’s what you cannot buy with your EBT/SNAP card:

  • Liquor wine and beer
  • Cigarettes and tobacco
  • Supplements, medicines, and vitamins (anything with Supplement Facts label)
  • Live animals (animals should be slaughtered before arriving at the store)
  • Food that is sold hot
  • Pet food
  • Hygiene items
  • Cosmetics
  • Household and cleaning supplies
  • Paper products or any other non-food items

How To Check Eligibility For SNAP Benefits?

If you are wondering about your eligibility status for SNAP benefits, you can contact your local SNAP office to find out. Even though the USDA runs the SNAP program, they do not process applications – instead, you have to apply through the state, with each having its eligibility marker.

Some states do not offer online forms, and you have to contact the local office to request one if you are willing to apply for SNAP.


Aldi is one of the fastest-growing retailers in the U.S., thanks to its unmatchable prices, ease of payment, and EBT acceptance. Now, with their partnership with Instacart, they offer even more comfort to SNAP families by allowing them to purchase EBT eligible items online for delivery and curbside pick up.

I hope this article helped answer all the questions you had about EBT acceptance at Aldi and how you can use it to get top-quality groceries at the best price.

Does Aldi Accept EBT? (Yes, But Read This First) | Grocery Store Guide (2024)
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