Demystified: What each Symbol and Icon Means on Twitter (2024)

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Twitter has been seeing a lot of activity over the last few months. Ever since Elon Musk took over the platform for a reported $44bn, Twitter has seen tweaks and changes every other week. This means the inclusion of new functions, with some older features being replaced or redesigned. If you have any questions regarding the new layout, here is a list of all the icons and symbols on Twitter along with their associated meanings.

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Twitter homepage symbols and icons

These are all the symbols and icons that you will find on Twitter’s homepage.

Home, Search, Spaces, Notifications, and Messages

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These are all the icons you will find these icons at the bottom of your screen. Here’s what they do.

The birdhouse icon represents the ‘home’, and tapping on it will take you to your home feed. No matter which page you’re on, tap on this icon to go back to your newsfeed.

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Tapping on the magnifying glass icon will take you to the search and explore page. This is where you can enter any Twitter handle, hashtag, text, or topic to find accurate results. This is also where you will find the trending topics on Twitter in your country and worldwide. You can also browse trending topics by different categories like Entertainment, Sports, News, etc.

The microphone icon in the bottom menu represents Twitter Spaces. This is a relatively new feature on Twitter that was inspired by the Clubhouse app. Tapping this icon will show you all the current Spaces being hosted on Twitter. You can drop in and listen to any Space you find interesting.

The bell icon represents your notifications. This is where you will find all your mentions, follow requests, likes, retweets and more. The envelope icon next to the notifications shows your direct messages. While anyone on Twitter can send you a DM, it will automatically be sent to the spam folder unless you follow them. Messages by people you follow will show up directly in your inbox.

Profile and sparkle

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Tapping on the profile icon at the top left corner of the screen will open up the side menu that contains different options like ‘Profile’, ‘Topics’, ‘Bookmarks’, ‘Lists’ and ‘Twitter Circle’. You can also find professional tools and profile settings in this menu.

The sparkle icon at the top right corner of the screen gives you the option to switch between recommended tweets and chronological tweets. By default, Twitter shows you recommend tweets on your homepage going by the kind of content you interact with and the engagement those tweets get. Switching to a chronological feed will get rid of this algorithm and show you the most recent tweets posted by the people you follow first.

Tweet icons and symbols

These are all the icons and symbols you will find on a tweet or a post.


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The ellipses or three dots at the top right corner of every tweet can be used to access a variety of options. You can follow the tweet poster, add/remove them from a list, mute them, block them, report the tweet, add them to a Twitter circle, or mute the replies to the post.

Bars, chat bubble, two arrows, heart, and share

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The bars symbol is a recent addition to Twitter and shows the number of times a tweet has been viewed. This is a bit different from engagements, which shows how many times people have interacted with the tweet.

The chat bubble next to the view count can be used to reply to a tweet. It also shows how many comments that particular tweet has received.

The two arrows can be used to retweet a post. This is a quick way of sharing a tweet with your followers by reposting it on your profile. You can either repost the tweet as is or ‘quote retweet’ it by adding a message of your own. The tweet icon also reflects how many times the post has been retweeted.

The heart icon can be used to like a tweet. It also shows how many times a tweet has been liked. The share icon next to the heart icon can be used to share the tweet via DMs or share the link to the tweet on any other app. You can also use this icon to add the tweet to your bookmarks.

Profile icons and symbols

These are all the symbols you will find on a Twitter profile

Follow and Bell+ icons

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If you want to see someone’s posts and updates on your feed, tap on the ‘follow’ button on their profile. Once you follow someone, a bell icon will appear next to the ‘following’ icon. Tap this icon if you want to receive notifications whenever the person posts a tweet.

Types of checkmarks

Initially, Twitter only had a blue checkmark next to the profile names of celebrities, politicians, sportspeople, reporters, and famous users. Since Elon Musk’s takeover, the blue checkmark can be bought by any Twitter user for $8. This led to the creation of new checkmarks to distinguish important accounts from everyone else. Here are all the checkmarks you will find on Twitter.

Blue checkmark

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The ‘Blue’ checkmark means that the Twitter user is either a Twitter Blue subscriber or a legacy verified account. You can find out the details by tapping on the checkmark. A ‘legacy’ verified account is one that was given the checkmark before Musk took over Twitter. This covers most celebrities, reporters, and other famous personalities.

Gold checkmark

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Twitter rolled out a Gold checkmark exclusively for companies, organisations, and businesses to distinguish themselves from other users. Previously, these accounts were also covered under the blue checkmark, but Twitter had to create a different verifying label when users started using their Twitter Blue assigned checkmarks to parody businesses on the platform. A gold checkmark profile also gets a square-shaped profile icon.

Grey checkmark

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The Grey checkmark is typically given to official public figures working in the government or multilateral organisation accounts. Twitter’s grounds for issuing this checkmark are pretty abstract as it says this checkmark can also be issued to some other public figures. So far only government officials and multilateral organisations have been assigned the grey checkmark.

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These are all the symbols and icons (along with their associated meanings) you will find on Twitter. Ever since the Musk takeover, new functions are being rolled out on the platform which means you may see new icons and symbols on Twitter. If you come across something new that you haven’t seen before, let us know in the comments!

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Demystified: What each Symbol and Icon Means on Twitter (2024)
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