5 Players to Draft in PPR Leagues (2024 Fantasy Football) (2024)

Fantasy football players know the type of scoring makes all the difference in which guys you want to draft. In PPR leagues, fantasy players want to start wide receivers in their flex spots. Meanwhile, they want to start running backs in their flex spots in non-PPR leagues.

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However, PPR scoring doesn’t just help out wide receivers. Some running backs and tight ends get a significant boost in fantasy production in PPR vs. non-PPR leagues. Players with high catch rates but lack touchdown upside are ideal targets in PPR leagues. Meanwhile, players with high touchdown rates but lack a high target share are better targets in non-PPR leagues.

Let’s look at five players who were significantly better in PPR than non-PPR leagues last season and what fantasy players should do with them in 2024.

Rachaad White (RB – TB)

  • 2023 PPR Finish – RB4 | 15.8 Fantasy Points Per Game
  • 2023 Non-PPR Finish – RB8 | 12 Fantasy Points Per Game

White had a breakout season in 2023, thanks to a featured role on the ground. However, the former Arizona State star was 24.1% better in PPR vs. non-PPR leagues. His 64 receptions were the third-most on the team and the fourth-most in the NFL among running backs. Yet, White had only an 18% target per route run rate, a lower average than D’Onta Foreman (per Fantasy Points Data).

Unfortunately, his role in the passing game will likely take a hit in 2024. The Buccaneers added Jalen McMillan and Bucky Irving during the NFL Draft, giving them two new talented weapons on offense. Irving should cut into White’s role in the passing game, which impacts his value in PPR leagues. While he is a solid low-end RB1 option, fantasy players shouldn’t expect another top-10 finishing this upcoming season unless White has more success finding the end zone.

Jaylen Warren (RB – PIT)

  • 2023 PPR Finish – RB22 | 11.6 Fantasy Points Per Game
  • 2023 Non-PPR Finish – RB30 | 8 Fantasy Points Per Game

The Steelers’ offense could look significantly different this year under Arthur Smith. However, fantasy players know his offense will flow through the backfield after Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier were top-34 last season running backs with Smith calling the plays. While Najee Harris was the lead rusher, totaling 106 more attempts than Warren, the former undrafted free agent had 32 more receptions and 36 more targets in 2023.

Furthermore, Warren had the fifth-most receptions among running backs last year despite ranking 21st in route run (237) at the position. More importantly, he had a 30% target per route run rate last season, the same average as Breece Hall (per Fantasy Points Data). During Smith’s time with the Atlanta Falcons, the running backs averaged 107 targets per year. Warren has a chance to break out regardless of scoring format but should get drafted sooner in PPR than in non-PPR leagues.

Michael Pittman Jr. (WR – IND)

  • 2023 PPR Finish – WR13 | 15.6 Fantasy Points Per Game
  • 2023 Non-PPR Finish – WR25 | 8.8 Fantasy Points Per Game

Fantasy players loved Pittman in PPR and found him solid in non-PPR leagues. The former USC star has never been a high touchdown producer, totaling 15 scores in 62 career games. Furthermore, he has four touchdowns in back-to-back seasons. However, Pittman has been a catching machine, totaling 88 or more receptions every year of his career since his rookie season. Last year, the veteran had 109 receptions, the fourth-most among wide receivers and the fifth-most in the NFL.

Pittman averaged 4.5 receptions per game and a 22% target per route run rate in the two contests Anthony Richardson finished last season (per Fantasy Points Data). By comparison, the receiver averaged 7.3 and 29% in the 12 contests Gardner Minshew started. While Pittman remains a solid WR2 for fantasy players, his target volume should come down with the addition of Adonai Mitchell. Unfortunately, nothing suggests he will have eight or more receiving touchdowns this year.

Adam Thielen (WR – CAR)

  • 2023 PPR Finish – WR17 | 13.6 Fantasy Points Per Game
  • 2023 Non-PPR Finish – WR31 | 7.5 Fantasy Points Per Game

While he wasn’t the most consistent wide receiver in fantasy football last year, Thielen managed to have a top-20 finish in PPR. By comparison, the veteran finished outside the top 30 in non-PPR leagues. Thielen was the only reliable weapon Bryce Young had in 2023, posting a 23% target per route run rate, 7% higher than anyone else on the team with at least 40 targets (per Fantasy Points Data). Furthermore, he had 103 receptions last season, the ninth-most among wide receivers.

The veteran receiver has always been a high-catch player, totaling 92 or more receptions in seven of the past eight years, with the lone exception coming when he missed six games in 2019. Thielen was also a high touchdown producer during his time with the Minnesota Vikings, totaling 10 or more in two of his final three seasons with the team. However, he is a late-round pick regardless of scoring this year after the Panthers added Diontae Johnson and Xavier Legette to their wide receiver core.

Evan Engram (TE – JAX)

  • 2023 PPR Finish – TE2 | 13.5 Fantasy Points Per Game
  • 2023 Non-PPR Finish – TE6 | 6.8 Fantasy Points Per Game

Engram led all tight ends in several receiving categories, including receptions (114), targets (143), and routes run (581). He finished with at least 11.2% more receptions, targets, and routes run than any other tight end in 2023. However, the veteran ranked 12th among tight ends and 54th in the NFL with four receiving touchdowns. Yet, that wasn’t a surprise, as Engram has 18 receiving touchdowns in 84 career games since his rookie season (3.2% TD rate).

Therefore, fantasy players shouldn’t be shocked that the veteran averaged nearly twice as many fantasy points per game in PPR vs. non-PPR last year. However, that could change in 2024. Engram had five end zone targets last season, the third-most on the team (per Fantasy Points Data). The two guys with more were Calvin Ridley and Zay Jones. While the veteran could be better in non-PPR leagues this year, fantasy players should prioritize Engram in PPR leagues after the moves the Jaguars made at wide receiver this offseason.

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5 Players to Draft in PPR Leagues (2024 Fantasy Football) (2)

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5 Players to Draft in PPR Leagues (2024 Fantasy Football) (2024)


Is it better to draft a RB or wr ppr? ›

When you get to the level of PPR performance where one player basically wins you the week, 30+ points, a WR is almost twice as likely to do it than a RB. No need to go further with this. It's always going to be true that WRs are more explosive than RBs in PPR.

How many positions should I draft in fantasy football? ›

You need enough depth at each position to account for all of this. Every fantasy manager should draft their Best Ball roster with the same basic starting point. You will take at least two quarterbacks, four running backs, five wide receivers, and two tight ends. Those are the minimums you should have at each position.

How do you play PPR in fantasy football? ›

In PPR leagues, each player in your starting lineup receives points per every reception. Each reception is worth 1 point in ESPN Standard leagues and can be customized in custom leagues. Note For League Manager Leagues: With PPR, points are awarded to the player (RB/WR/TE) catching the pass.

What is the best ball in fantasy football? ›

Best Ball Fantasy Football: The Draft

This is very similar to your traditional fantasy football league. You'll be in a draft – typically among 10 or 12 teams – and select a group of players to fill your roster. Most best ball leagues use rosters and starting lineups similar to traditional leagues, featuring: QBs.

Who should I draft first in my PPR league? ›

Search by player name ×
1.C. McCaffreyRB - SF
2.C. LambWR - DAL
3.T. HillWR - MIA
4.A. St. BrownWR - DET
5.J. JeffersonWR - MIN
25 more rows

Should you draft a QB or RB first? ›

For example, QB is the highest-scoring position in most leagues. But elite RBs and WRs typically get drafted first because you need more starters at those positions and their scoring drops off more sharply. That's why the best way to draft is generally to prioritize RBs and WRs while waiting on QBs and TEs.

What is the most fantasy points ever scored in PPR? ›

Billy Cannon has racked up the most PPR fantasy points in a game, with 68 points versus the New York Titans on December 10, 1961.

When should I draft a QB for PPR fantasy? ›

QBs can be picked as late as the third round in standard leagues and the sixth round in PPR leagues but an elite one is mandatory. Above all, know your league settings and correlate the order in which the positions should be drafted based on the standard deviations (Table 2).

How many players do you draft in PPR fantasy football? ›

Each week, you're setting a lineup that includes: one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one flex player (RB/WR/TE), one kicker and one defense/special teams. You will also have seven players on your bench. Scoring is as follows in a basic PPR league: 1 point for every 25 passing yards.

How many QBs should I draft in Best Ball? ›

Mastering QB Strategy in Best Ball Drafts

You'll want to finish your Best Ball draft with two or three QBs (assuming it's not superflex). Whether you go two or three can depend on when you draft them. Taking an early QB as your first is a fine move. The top guys tend to be reliable scorers.

How many pitchers should I draft in Best Ball? ›

That's why my main priority in best ball drafts is to draft at least four top 40 pitchers, and then take a few chances on my favorite sleepers later in the draft. There are many ways you can do this, and it's best to go with the flow and let the draft dictate when you take those four pitchers.

What is a good number for fantasy football? ›

While there isn't a right or wrong league size, most agree that 10 or 12 people is just about right. If there are too few people in the league, everyone has a team full of superstars, which removes some of the skill aspects of fantasy.

Are WRS or RBS more valuable in PPR? ›

Conclusion: I will reference the inciting question, "Do Wide Receivers score more points than Running Backs in Fantasy Football", and conlcude that the answer is yes, Wide Receivers definitively score more points than Running Backs.

Should you start a RB or WR at Flex PPR? ›

In full-PPR leagues, you should look to focus on wide receivers. In half-PPR leagues, I lean toward running backs, but strong wide receivers are still very viable. Ultimately, there is no objectively correct decision.

What's more important, WR or RB? ›

Are Wide Receivers More Important Than Running Backs? It all depends on the type of offense your team runs. If your team is a run-heavy offense, you'll need to have 2-3 running backs that can share carries. If your offense is a modern-day spread offense, you'll need more wide receivers who can stress the defense.

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